About Us

The law company Birkaia & Kvantaliani, was founded in 2005 by Lasha Birkaia and Koba Kvantaliani, who were lawyers acting in Georgia. The Company Birkaia & Kvantaliani provides clients with wide range of legal services.

With the assistance of experienced lawyers, the Company Birkaia & Kvantaliani provides its clients with legal assistance, which involves wide range of disciplines in the legal field. The Company focuses on complicated and sophisticated cases, and provides its clients with high-quality services on the matters falling within the scope of civil and administrative laws.

The Company deals with some voluminous and complicated cases in Georgia, and it cooperates with leading international law companies. The goal of the Company is to provide its clients with the best legal services available in Georgia.

Within the last decade, the Company has gained significant experience through the close cooperation with the top leading international law companies (such as Debevoise & Plimpton LLP, Hogan Lovells LLP , Signature Litigation LLP, etc).

The Company Birkaia & Kvantaliani has a team of lawyers who provide clients with high quality consultancy services. The effective solution of problems is achieved through such high-qualified consultancy services and strategic approaches, considering the best interests of clients.

Through its dedication and hard work, the Company established new standards in the Georgian judicial practice, which was reflected in the successful completion of some significant cases in the courts of Georgia.

It is also worth mentioning that, as a result of the participation in international trials and arbitration, the Company has also gained significant professional experience (the High Court of Justice of England and Wales, the Gibraltar court, the courts of the Russian Federation, the Arbitration Court of Paris, etc).

The main values of the Company are professionalism, respect of opinions and ideas, giving priority to a client’s interests, quality of service and good faith, confidentiality, and result-oriented and efficient legal services.

Areas of the Company’s legal service include: Contract law, Entrepreneurial law, Family Law, Inheritance Law, Tax Law, Intellectual Property, Law of Obligations, as well as, dispute resolution, and other matters related to the Public/Civil Registry, etc.


Our Guarantees

The Company Birkaia & Kvantaliani guarantees and takes responsibility for all legal and procedural actions conducted by it on behalf of the client. Furthermore, the Company takes responsibility for the consultations and recommendations provided by it. Information, which is disclosed to the Company’s lawyers in the process of carrying out professional activities, shall remain confidential.

Our Values

  1. Trust, giving priority to a client’s interests over the interests of its own and over the interests of other persons;
  2. Confidentiality;
  3. Qualification and Good Faith;
  4. We respect our colleagues and recognize trust among the lawyers, as well as relationship, which is built on cooperation;
  5. Obedience to law, professional and moral responsibility;
  6. Continuous renewal of existing knowledge and experience;
  7. Result-oriented and efficient legal assistance.